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Pearson Airport to Thornhill
Thornhill, Ontario

Are you planning a trip to the picturesque town of Thornhill, Ontario, and wondering about the best way to travel from Toronto Pearson Airport to Thornhill? You’ve landed in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the various transportation options, with a special focus on taxi services. You can also have a great trip to Mildmay with our taxi and limo service.  Let’s make your journey to Thornhill as smooth as possible.

Taxi Service to Thornhill

Finding a taxi at Toronto Pearson Airport is a breeze. As you exit the terminal, follow the signs to designated taxi ranks where licensed taxis are waiting. In no time, you’ll be on your way to Thornhill.

Why Choose Us?
  • Door-to-Door Service: Taxis ensure a seamless transition from the airport to your final destination, providing a comfortable and convenient ride.
  • No Waiting: Unlike public transportation, taxis are readily available at the airport, saving you the time and hassle of waiting for buses or trains.
  • Luggage Assistance: Taxi drivers are often willing to help with your luggage, ensuring a stress-free journey.
  • Privacy and Comfort: Taxis offer a private, comfortable, and quiet environment, allowing you to relax after your flight.

Limo Service to Thorhill

For those seeking a touch of luxury and elegance, our Pearson Toronto Airport Limo service is the perfect choice. We offer a wide selection of limousines to suit your style and needs, making your journey from Toronto Pearson Airport to Thornhill, Ontario, an experience to remember.

We understand the importance of family travel. That’s why our limo fleet includes options with SUVs, mini-vans, and car seats for kids, toddlers, infants, and boosters, ensuring that your entire family can travel comfortably and safely. 

Taxi and Limo Fleet

Experience a diverse taxi fleet at Toronto Pearson Airport Taxi, designed to meet your unique preferences. Our range includes stylish sedans, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free ride to Thornhill, Ontario. Safety remains our top priority, with well-trained drivers and meticulously maintained vehicles, offering you peace of mind throughout your journey. 

Whether you seek convenience, luxury, or family-friendly transportation, we have the perfect vehicle for you. Travel in style and comfort with our exceptional taxi fleet.


Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi offers transportation services to various hotels in Thornhill, Ontario, including the luxurious Thornhill Hotel and the centrally located Maple Inn. You can count on us for a convenient and comfortable ride to your accommodation.


At Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi & Limo, we offer competitive pricing for your convenience. Our rates for transportation from Toronto Pearson Airport to Thornhill, Ontario typically start at a minimum of Canadian $50, but please note that prices may vary depending on your specific transportation needs and the destination within Thornhill. We strive to provide flexible and affordable options to ensure a hassle-free journey tailored to your requirements.


In conclusion, when it comes to airport transportation from Toronto Pearson Airport to Thornhill, Ontario, Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi & Limo is the name to trust. We offer both convenience and luxury, ensuring that your journey is a delightful one. Say goodbye to transportation worries and hello to a memorable travel experience.


How far is Thornhill, Ontario, from Toronto Pearson Airport?

The distance between Thornhill and Toronto Pearson Airport is approximately [distance in kilometers].

Are taxis readily available at the airport at all times?

Yes, taxis are available 24/7 at Toronto Pearson Airport.

Can I pay for my taxi ride with a credit card?

Most taxi services at the airport accept credit card payments for your convenience.

Do I need to tip the taxi driver in Canada?

Tipping is customary in Canada, and it is a good practice to tip your taxi driver, typically around 10-15% of the fare.

Is it possible to share a taxi with others to split the cost?

Some taxis offer ride-sharing options, allowing you to split the fare with fellow passengers.

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