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Pearson Toronto Airport taxi and limo chauffer service
pearson toronto airport taix and limo service to buffalo from canada or from buffalo to canada
Pearson toronto airport taxi and limo service car seats for kids
toronto pearson airport taxi and limo service
Airport to Solstice Condos
Solstice Condos at 396 Scott St, St. Catharines

Embarking on a journey from Toronto Pearson Airport to Transport Solstice Condos at 396 Scott St, St. Catharines, promises a seamless travel experience. The transition from the airport to your destination can be stress-free and enjoyable when you opt for reliable and efficient airport transportation services. In this guide, we’ll explore the convenience and comfort offered by Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi and Limo services, focusing on their diverse fleet, competitive prices, and additional amenities such as minivans and child-friendly options. Your journey spans approximately 110 km and takes roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Airport to Solstice Condos by Taxi

Choosing a Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi is synonymous with choosing reliability and promptness. These taxis are not just vehicles; they are a gateway to a hassle-free journey. With courteous drivers and well-maintained vehicles, your transit becomes a pleasant part of your overall travel experience.

Airport to Solstice Condos by Limo

For those who seek a touch of luxury, Pearson Toronto Airport Limo services redefine airport transportation. From the moment you step out of the airport, you step into a world of comfort and sophistication. The limo experience is not just about reaching your destination; it’s about enjoying the journey itself. Our Pearson limo transportation is also available for 40 Esplanade Lane.

Fleet Offers

Dive into a realm of versatility with the Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi and Limo Fleet. Beyond the standard taxi and limo options, the fleet boasts spacious SUVs, ensuring that your travel accommodates your needs. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or colleagues, these SUVs provide ample space and comfort.


Affordability meets quality with Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi and Limo services. Despite the luxurious experience, the prices remain competitive. Understanding the value of your time and comfort, these services ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Service rate begins at 78$ and extends up to a maximum of 100$.


  • Solstice Inn: A cozy retreat near Solstice Condos, offering comfort and convenience within reach.
  • St. Catharines Suites: Experience luxury in the heart of St. Catharines, just moments away from Solstice Condos.
  • Scott Street Residence: Modern accommodations with a touch of elegance, perfectly situated near Solstice Condos.

Wind Up

Embarking on a journey from Toronto Pearson Airport to Solstice Condos is more than just a commute; it’s an experience. With Pearson Toronto Airport Taxi and Limo services, you transcend the ordinary, enjoying a seamless journey that sets the tone for your entire trip. From competitive prices to a diverse fleet, every aspect is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.


Are the drivers experienced and reliable?

Absolutely. Our drivers undergo rigorous training and have extensive experience to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Do you provide car seats for children?

Yes, safety is our first priority for our younger passengers. Car seats for kids, toddlers, infants, and boosters are available upon request.

Can I book it in advance?

Certainly! To secure your transportation and guarantee a smooth journey, we recommend booking in advance through our user-friendly online platform.

Are there additional charges for luggage?

No, there are no hidden charges. The quoted price includes all standard services, including luggage handling.

What if my flight is delayed?

We understand that delays happen. Our team tracks your flight in real-time, ensuring we are there to pick you up whenever you arrive.

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